In December 2018, the Bouygues family joined the Henri Rebourseau estate. As majority shareholders, Martin and Olivier Bouygues have joined forces with the de Surrel family to continue the estate's heritage. The Domaine conserves its family ethos by preserving the unity of its wine-growing heritage and seven generations of traditions.

Bénigne and Louis de Surrel took over from their father under the supervision of Hervé Berland.


The objective is to bring the production of each appellation to its best level. To ensure that our wines reflect the most accurate version of their climates, we are investing significant resources in the cultivation of the vines and in the estate's production tools.   


Pierre Rebourseau handed over the management of the estate to his grandson Jean de Surrel. This was to be a significant turning point in the history of the Domaine. Jean de Surrel adopted organic winegrowing practices and a biodynamic approach.



General Henri Rebourseau handed the keys to the Domaine to his son Pierre Rebourseau. A university man like his father, following a career in industry at the head of the Dietrich group, he dedicated himself to his passion for wine. He was president of both the Clos de Vougeot and Chambertin Syndicats.


General Henri Rebourseau was the son of Jean-Baptiste Rebourseau. During the First World War when he was mobilized on the front lines, his brother Émile Rebourseau took on the management of the estate. The General returned to Gevrey in 1919 and moved into Brunelle House, which was built in the mid-eighteenth century. A charismatic gentleman, in 1929 he formed the Chambertin Syndicat of which he remained president for many years.


Jacques Rebourseau was a respected winemaker from Lugny. His son Claude Rebourseau settled in La Roche Vanneau in 1782. Modest farmers, they belonged to the hard-working rural class of the day involved in viticulture. They passed their passion for winemaking onto their children, one of whom was Jean-Baptiste Rebourseau.



Born in 1839, Jean-Baptiste Rebourseau married Louise-Victoire Philippon in Gevrey in 1861. He grouped together several vineyard plots of which the grands crus of Gevrey-Chambertin still remain within the family today. His two sons Émile and Henri inherited the estate.

Domaine Henri Rebourseau, 10 place du Monument 21220 GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN France tel: +33(0)380518894, email: domaine@rebourseau.com 

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